Collagen Loss

What Is Collagen Loss? 

Collagen keeps us looking young and beautiful. The most plentiful protein in the body, collagen is in our muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, organs, blood vessels, skin, intestinal lining and other connective tissues. When high, collagen levels keep the skin soft, smooth, and firm. Collagen helps the skin cells renew and repair themselves while keeping the skin moist. As we age, our bodies produce less collagen. This lack of collagen results in the common signs of aging. Wrinkles, sagging skin that has lost its elasticity, and stiff joints are all signs that the body is producing less collagen. Treatments at Aesthetic Laser Center, like our Potenza and ICON, can stimulate collagen and restore a youthful look. 


Do Collagen Supplements Work?

There are marketing claims that collagen offered in the form of oral and topical supplements restore a youthful appearance. Often, however, these claims are all broth and no beans. When ingested, our stomachs break down most of the proteins of collagen, our bodies using them in other places well before our skin benefits from their effects. To date, there aren’t studies definitively showing that ingested collagen turns up in the skin. As for topical collagen, their efficacy is also somewhat suspicious: There’s little proof showing these topicals actually penetrate the skin rather than just sit on top and provide some added moisture. 

Stimulate Collagen With Potenza

Potenza is an FDA-approved radiofrequency microneedling treatment for the face and body. The Potenza device features ultrafine needles and radiofrequency energy to penetrate the skin’s outermost layers – triggering the skin’s natural repair process and boosting the production of hyaluronic acid as well as collagen and elastin.

Stimulate Collagen With the ICON

The ICON laser distributes microscopic columns of energy that stimulate the production of collagen. ICON treatments are highly effective for facial wrinkles and skin tightening because of collagen stimulation. The energy of the ICON also targets pigment to break up cosmetically undesirable brown spots and pigmentation. Wrinkle depth and severity are minimized and tone and texture improved. 

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Collagen Loss Treatments in Beaumont, TX

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