Loose Elastin

What Is Elastin?

We love elastin. It makes us pretty and young! Elastin is present in many tissues in the body, including the dermis, lungs, and large blood vessels. While elastin only makes up about 2% of total protein in the dermis (unlike collagen that makes up more than 75%), it is still crucial for providing the skin with resilience.


How Elastin Works

Elastin is a rubber-like protein that, as its name suggests, has elastic properties. Elastin allows the skin to “snap back” to its original shape after being stretched or contracted. As your skin loses elastin, it is no longer able to bounce back, so if your skin gets stretched, it will remain stretched and wrinkles will start to show. 

What is the Difference Between Collagen and Elastin?

Collagen, collagen, collagen. That’s all we hear about when it comes to skin care! Sure, it is the glue that holds cells together and makes the skin plump and firm. But if elastin decline is not addressed, the elastic and resilient qualities of the skin will be missing, sabotaging anti-aging efforts. To look as young and healthy as possible, we need both collagen and elastin.

What Are the Effects of Elastin Decline? 

Think of an old leather seat that has been sat in for years. At one time, the leather was tight, plump and cushiony, but from years of wear and tear, it thins, buckles and crinkles. The same happens to skin. Though skin pliability can be somewhat addressed with collagen, the heroic job of restoring skin elasticity is ultimately up to elastin! 

What Can Be Done to Restore Loose Elastin? 

Often called the non-surgical facelift, our TempSure Envi device provides natural rejuvenation from the inside out. Using a state-of-the-art handpiece unlike any that has come before, TempSure delivers radiofrequency energy into your deepest dermal layer. There, it causes a thermal reaction in your tissues that tricks your body into thinking your skin cells are injured, which then stimulates the production of the growth factors that support both collagen and elastin renewal. There is no discomfort during this treatment, it feels like a warm stone massage. This is a perfect treatment to maintain or prevent slack in the skin in patients that are starting to lose elasticity.*

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