Vascular Lesions

What Are Vascular Lesions?

Vascular lesions can put a damper on our appearance, but there’s hope! We’re very sensitive to your concerns, and will work with you to treat your vascular lesions at our welcoming office in Beaumont. These lesions result from larger-than-normal blood vessels forming. There are several types of vascular lesions, with spider veins being the most common to appear on the face. Others include cherry angiomas, rosacea, and telangiectasia veins. Each of these vascular lesions has their own set of symptoms ranging from raised veins to veins and moles extending to the nose or neckline. Fortunately, non-invasive methods like laser therapy can help to diminish these veins so that you can confidently bare your skin!


How Does IPL Treat Vascular Lesions?

IPL stands for intense pulsed light. It is a type of therapy that uses concentrated pulses of light that are directed into the skin in order to produce favorable results. During the treatment, a special wand is passed across the surface of the skin above the areas that need the therapy.

If you are looking for a non-invasive way to treat your vascular lesions, IPL therapy may be your answer. It is less intense than laser therapy, even though it still uses light pulses to do its work. 

How Does IPL Differ From Laser Therapy?

IPL is similar to laser therapies in that it uses a beam of light to target pigmentation and wrinkles and eliminate them with heat. However, instead of using just one color, or wavelength of light, IPL uses a range of wavelengths. This gives us the ability to adjust how deeply into the skin the light goes and what structures it targets. Different structures in the skin absorb different wavelengths of the light more effectively. This prevents the use of excessive energy and damage to other layers of the skin.

What Can I Expect from Treatment?

IPL treatments typically involve 3-5 visits spaced 3-6 weeks apart. The procedure takes about 20 minutes and patients can return to their normal routine immediately. We will start by treating a small area to make sure your skin responds appropriately before targeting the entire treatment area.

IPL infrequently causes some side effects, including mild discomfort during treatment, and skin turning pink, mild swelling and feeling a little sore immediately after the procedure. Side effects are minimal and short-lived. Most people do not need any type of anesthesia to undergo IPL therapy. After your session, you can immediately return to your normal activities. 

woman's legs free of vascular lesions

Vascular Lesion Treatment in Beaumont, TX

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