Lipoplex Injection

Lipoplex injections have been created to break down fat and help with liver detoxification. They are a combination of vitamin B12 and lipotropic nutrients that work together to prevent fat accumulation in the liver, accelerate the metabolism of fats, and promote the flow of fat and bile from the liver for them to be removed as waste. Also known as “the fat-burning shot”, a lipoplex shot can accompany you on your weight loss journey and help you shed those unwanted pounds, but it will also improve liver function and give you an energy boost.


Lipoplex injections are considered lipotropic shots and include substances meant to speed up the metabolic processes and help you reach your weight loss goals.

Vitamin B12 – a water-soluble vitamin that encourages the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system, while improving the metabolism of every cell and boosting our mood and energy levels.

Choline – an essential nutrient that encourages liver health and removal of fat, lowers cholesterol, contributes to brain development, and prevents memory loss caused by aging.

Inositol – a natural sugar that breaks down fat, reduces blood cholesterol, contributes to cell membrane activity, and may help with the symptoms of mental health conditions like depression and OCD.

Methionine – an essential amino acid that promotes skin, hair, and nail health due to its sulfur content, reduces liver fat and protects the kidneys, and balances estrogen levels to avoid increased bile cholesterol levels.

While these injections for weight loss have the mission to combat slow metabolism, help you get rid of pounds of fat and reach a no
rmal body weight, as well as benefit from an improved mood, they work better when part of a weight loss program that includes exercise and diet.


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