Peacock Pearles!

Preparing for appointments (More too come)

Reschedule if you are sick, taking prednisone or antibiotics, have sunburn or skin infection in treatment area.

Come without makeup, this includes mascara when possible, If not possible, please remove makeup with ColoreScience wipes.

If you are receiving laser hair removal treatments, please shave. Appointment time does not include shaving.

Head and neck procedures please wear loose top.

Emsculpt and Emsella – wear loose fitting clothes with no metal

Please moisterize, if your skin is dry, tight, itchy, or has discomfort post procedure! I always say, “If you treat it like beef jerky, it will look like beef jerky!”

When you wake in the am, please put on your SPF 50! And if your using the fabulous ColoreScience SPF 50 then your skin is glowing and you are ready to go at a moments notice,

Please text with questions and concerns post treament! I am Never too busy!