The PRP Shot

PRP, or platelet rich plasma, is rich in bioactive proteins to stimulate growth factors and cellular regeneration. It is a therapy first used for wound healing, sports injuries, and dentistry. Now it has evolved to help sexual dysfunction disorders including ED and Peyronie’s disease.

The actual therapy involves taking a small amount of your blood, running it through a centrifuge to separate out the concentrated platelets, and then injecting them into the Penis with a tiny needle.

The Therapy Comes Directly From Your Own Blood Our bodies have the ability to heal themselves, and the platelet rich plasma is created from your own blood. It is safe, effective, and can stimulate cell regeneration without complications, risks, or any surgery.

There Is No Pain

Before the injection, an anesthetic cream is applied to numb the area which will be treated.

The PRP-shot Is A Quick Treatment

Not only is the PRP-shot completed usually within an hour, but it is also conveniently performed in the office setting. You don’t have to travel to a hospital or surgery center.

There Is Virtually No Downtime

You can drive yourself home after the treatment and go back to normal activities. Consult with Your Health Professional about resuming Sexual relations. Normally, Sexuality Relations can be resumed in 24hrs.

The Big Benefits:

* On average we see 1.5 / 2.5 inches in growth to Length/Girth

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