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The aesthetic market is so saturated with treatments that trying to find the right one can make you madder than a wet hen! If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you may be tempted to just buy an over-the-counter cream or serum and keep your fingers crossed. However, at Aesthetic Laser Center, we believe you should never settle for less. Our warm and caring staff is here to save you trouble and time by offering the ThreeForMe™ ICON laser skin treatment. 

ThreeForMe™ is a combination therapy of multiple wavelengths of light-based treatments. The purpose is to create a treatment that will remove damage and build collagen and elastin back into the matrix. The ICON is a powerful laser designed to tackle stretch marks, brown spots, and other imperfections all in one go while providing gorgeous results with little downtime.


*Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.
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Combination Laser Treatments? Yes, Ma’am!

A typical laser skin treatment with the ICON involves exfoliating the skin to smooth pigmentation, reducing the appearance of scars and improving tightness. While some skin care products can help sustain the appearance of your skin, the ICON laser can provide more immediate results.* This powerful laser skin treatment is different from surgery in that it carries virtually no risk and can be done quickly without anesthetic. With a proper laser ThreeForMe™ treatment, you can get the stunning results in record time without the hassles of surgery. 

ICON Laser Skin Treatment Procedure

As one of the best laser skin treatment devices on the market, the ICON works by treating moderate-to-severe acne scars, wrinkles, and stretch marks, using powerful dual-action laser wavelengths. The ICON ThreeForMe™ technology is made to specifically target multiple skin concerns, all in one single treatment session. The best part of an ICON laser skin treatment is that it is minimally invasive, FDA-approved, and requires virtually no downtime. 

When you come in for a consultation at our Beaumont practice, we will discuss what matters to you and determine if the ICON is the best choice. If there are no contraindications and you are properly prepared, we can perform the procedure the same day. We will start with a small treatment area to make sure the skin is responding appropriately and then do the full treatment. Please note that we cannot treat women who are breastfeeding or pregnant.

Preparing for ICON Laser Skin Treatment

  • Two weeks prior to treatment: No antibiotics, prednisone, steroids, Cerave, skin lightening, acne or anti-aging products without prior approval by your treatment provider.
  • One week prior to treatment: No sunburns. No anti-aging serums or other facial products containing acids.
  • 24 hours prior to treatment: No Ibuprofen, aspirin, Aleve, naproxen or other pain relievers.

Results of ICON ThreeForMe™

Now we know after your ThreeForMe™ treatment you’ll be ready and rarin’ to go, but just hold your horses for a quick second. Your ICON laser treatment may cause some mild swelling, redness, and darkening of the skin at first. However, this is totally normal and all discoloration will heal shortly after your visit. Once your skin is back to normal, you will notice a visible improvement in smoothness, texture, and pigmentation. Your skin will look and feel better than before – patients liken the treatment to pure magic!

For best laser skin treatment results, we recommend a series of 3-4 treatments.* Of course, we’ll discuss your specific needs with you to determine your best treatment course. We will perform no treatment procedure or course until we are sure you fully understand and approve everything that is involved.

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Combination Laser Treatments in Beaumont, TX

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*Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.


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