Hello, Beautiful.

With a robust offering of laser treatments and advanced, customizable procedures for aging and improving body image, we’ll help you achieve your aesthetic aspirations while making you feel right at home.

Anti-Aging Perfected

Welcome to your mecca for beauty in the Golden Triangle. With a robust offering of laser treatments and advanced, customizable procedures for aging and unwanted body fat, we’ll help you achieve your desired aesthetic while making you feel right at home.

At Aesthetic Laser Center, Dr. Perry is proud to offer the beautiful people of Beaumont and the surrounding communities laser and aesthetic care. 

In an industry that promotes aesthetic services, we elevate ourselves by providing not just a service, but an experience. The experience begins with a comprehensive consultation and skin analysis. We customize a protocol designed to meet the patient’s desired results in medical aesthetics. Custom protocols consist of combination therapies for anti-aging, skin damage, skin tightening, and body sculpting.

Our Promise to You

Our staff prioritizes the highest quality of customer service, ensuring that when you call, you’re answered by a live person and that your needs are always met. Our kind, compassionate, and skillful Dr. Perry will take the time to discuss your concerns and answer all of your questions. He is passionate about giving you all the information and resources you need to make the most informed decisions about the treatments you get with us.

Customized Treatments

Helping men and women meet realistic goals for themselves is the passion of every member of our team.


Bask in the benefits of skin tightening, skin resurfacing, skin revitalization or another one of our advanced treatments that minimize wrinkles, refresh your appearance, and make you look as young as you feel.

Body Sculpting

When you’ve given diet and exercise your all and you’re still left with stubborn fat, you may wish to consider EmSculpt Neo, our safe and efficient non-invasive laser treatment.

Laser Hair Removal

Avoid ingrown hairs and irritation while still experiencing the pleasure of silky smooth skin. Our safe and effective ICON laser removes unwanted hair from the face, underarms, bikini zone and more.

Join Our Membership Program

Our membership program is unique; instead of advertising sales on treatments you may not be interested in, we make it easy for you to save for the treatments you want. To join, start by choosing the program level that best suits your needs. Then, money is placed in your ALC account; 100% of the money put in is able to be used for services.

Book an Appointment

Getting treated through ALC is easy and hassle-free. To get the process started, simply request an appointment at a time of your convenience. You can do so online, or by calling us at 409-300-1620.

What Are People Saying?

"Hey Shontell! This is the first time in years I have had a selfie with a friend with no makeup and let it be posted! I am so, so happy with my skin. Can't wait to get more done in April. I am definitely starting to peacock!"
“Hey Girls! I just wanted to tell y’all that yesterday when I sat down in the stylists chair to get my hair done, I looked in the mirror and realized that I didn’t look worn out and old. Lol. Been awhile since I looked in the mirror in that chair and didn’t criticize myself! I am seeing the results of y’all’s hard work!! Thank you! See ya’ll on the 9th!”

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